100 million Christians face extreme persecution… a number that other parts of the world may find shocking. For those believers, the simple act of gathering for public worship can lead to fines, arrests, imprisonment or even death.

Chased is the story of Anneliese, a young girl who lives in society where the practice of Christianity is illegal. Anneliese’s parents operate an illegal underground church, which exists in the shadows of their world…a safe haven for believers. While Chased is set in a fictional world, it is modeled after a culture that will be recognizable to Westerners. This might be unsettling to many who only have heard stories of persecution in countries very different from theirs…Chased brings the story of religious persecution close to home.

Anneliese’s story, while fictional, draws inspiration directly from true stories of persecution that are happening around the world today. Her story is dynamic, filled with compassion, fear, betrayal, and tragedy, as seen through the eyes of her childhood. As her family fights to maintain the spirit of the Church in a hostile world, she exudes a faith that is both innocent and bold, always believing that God will provide protection and grace in her fallen society.

For many, the reality of persecution is an abstract concept. While it may be uncomfortable to imagine a society without religious freedom, it is an all too personal truth for the 100 million Christians who struggle to express their faith in religiously repressed areas. Chased begs the question, what if our own religious freedoms didn’t exist?

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