Director – Josh Troester

Josh Troester, director of CHASED, is a freelance artist that has been writing, filming, storytelling, and editing for eight years.  Josh owned a multimedia business which served non profit organizations for over a decade before going into ministry.  He currently works at New Life Church as the Creative Arts Pastor, and is responsible for the overall creative and production vision of the church.  Josh has a degree in Information Technology and Visual Communications, and is behind the original vision for CHASED.

Writer – Emily Weaver

Emily Weaver, writer of CHASED, has been writing professionally since 2002. Her work appears in many formats including educational publishing, print, marketing materials, Christian trade publishers, and in 14 volumes of a NYT best-selling series. Emily has a bachelor of arts in English/English literature as well as a B.A in Creative Writing with an emphasis in fiction and film.

Director of Photography – Nathan Cole

Nathan Cole is our Director of Photography.  Nathan has DP’d many short films in the area and in North Texas including a documentary on modern slavery in India.
While on his unforgettable journey fighting modern day slavery through shooting an indie documentary in India and Texas, he discovered a love for telling stories through film.  He’s always had a passion for storytelling, writing, music, and photography.  This medium combines these and has incredible influence in today’s culture.
Nathan frequently finds himself in the role of Director of Photography, but he also loves directing, and producing promotional videos and documentaries.

Casting Director – Bradley Carpenter

Bradley Carpenter is our Casting Director.  Bradley studied theatre at Truman State University.  He has years of acting experience and has been in numerous productions on stage and in film.  Bradley interned for Disney as a presenter/actor and later worked as a character coach, developing and training other actors in their Disney roles.  He is skilled at identifying talent and helping them in their process of character development.  He has a passion for seeing a dramatic production come together with all of the individual pieces.  Bradley has four children with his beautiful wife Christina and currently works in Sales and Marketing for a company that sells petroleum products.

Assistant Director – Ryan Garrett

Ryan Garrett is our Continuity Supervisor or Script Supervisor.  Ryan’s job is to make sure that we pay attention to the details and go over them with a fine-toothed comb.  Ryan studied film at Missouri State University, and it has been one of his main passions in life since he was young.
Ryan watches a lot of movies.  A lot of movies!  He watches camera work, director cuts, and all of the other stuff that most people don’t notice.  He has the unique skill set to look at a project from a 5000 foot overview, and still see the blades of grass at the bottom that make a final production excellent.
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