In America, persecution, real persecution, is an after thought. Under the guardianship of our freedom we have the right to practice whatever religion we so choose. This is not the case for many around the world, who suffer daily, yet continue their relentless pursuit of Christ in the face of death.

The vision for ‘Chased’ started with me, (Josh Troester). I was on a late evening run in my neighborhood in the Summer of 2014, when I was dreaming of what project I felt God wanted me to tackle in 2015. I felt a strong impression to produce a short film coupled with the dramatic story of the underground church.

I immediately began assembling the core team and researching the stories of those who meet in secret places to conduct worship services. We wrote the story, and now we have embarked on a journey to capture it.

‘Chased’ is not a documentary. It is a fictional story that begs the question, “What if church was illegal here?” For those of us in the western world, this will be a startling call to reality. A call for us to listen to the voices of those that struggle daily to live out the Christian faith.

My hope is that ‘Chased’ serves to educate us, and bring awareness to the challenges that our brothers and sisters in Christ are faced with in the underground church. What does it feel like to constantly be chased by your own government…the very government that is supposed to keep you safe? What does it feel like, knowing that if you are caught, your life is not in your own hands? What does it mean…really truly mean… to be Chased?

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